About Us

Kyle Williams

I recently became interested in Hydroponics in late 2020 during the Covid 19 Pandemic. I've always had an interest in DIY stuff and picked up some gardening when I purchased my own house and actually had a backyard. The year before I planned on building out a raised garden bed but just never got around to it (maybe eventually I will and I'll document it).

Being from Chicago we only have a limited growing season and I thought it would be cool to grow things all year long. Well, that's when I began "farming" in the basement.


Alex Langston

Alex is a hydroponic hobbyist and author from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Environmental factors and a near constant state of drought led him to experiment with more efficient ways to grow food. As of today, Alex grows food using DWC, NFT, Kratky, and Gravity Gutter systems.